The Go! Team – Remixes, Collages, Sampling, Whatevers

Is The Go! Team still popular? Do the kids today know them? It’s hard to believe that their debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike came out way, way back in 2004. We were all still babies back then.

I haven’t kept up with all their music, although I do have Proof of Youth, and their other albums have been on my Amazon list as a reminder for as long as I can remember. I’m sure a term exists that describes the music, but… beats me. A lot of the songs are composed of bits of other songs, so I suppose it’s sampling, but I think it goes beyond that. Oh well, trying to describe music is one of my least favorite things. I give up.

What I can do is unconditionally recommend Thunder, Lightning, Strike to everyone. Once you listen to that, you can make up your own mind about what you’re hearing and if you’d like to hear more.

Huddle Formation is my favorite example of one of their songs with vocals. They all have this same great energy.

Meanwhile, Junior Kickstart is a great example of the instrumentals. Some of them are a bit more relaxed, but this captures the busy beat with the hooky horns. There’s always something like that going on, and the songs stick in your head.

PS “Proof of youth” reminds me of a Courtney Barnett line, “You’re still in your youth,” and I always thought Still In Youth would be a great name for a band, a song, anything.


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